Currently In The Memberships Area: Jitse (04/28/17), Inez (04/28/17), Diana ’14 (04/28/17), Valeria LV (04/29/17), Tavane LV (04/30/17), Izsabella LV (05/04/17), Sara LV (05/06/17), Sheryl LV (05/12/17), Ronnie LV (05/17/17), Lacresha (05/21/17), KC (05/21/17), Jonell (05/21/17), Sara LV 2 (05/24/17), Rosemary (05/26/17), Soma (05/26/17), Poppy (05/26/17)

Each new release will automatically be a part of your membership area for one month. Also you get the previous months videos which means several new ta77 videos will be in your account the moment you sign up. We will have a minimum is 3 video updates per month and as many as 8.

Although there is an option for a non-recurring membership we recommend the recurring so you don’t miss any new releases – once a video has been out for a month it is only available at full individual price.

Membership prices are as follows:

Monthly Renewing $45 first month, $39 monthly after that

1 Month Membership – $49 one time payment

3 Month Membership – $108 one time payment (averages $31 per month )

6 Month Membership – $198 one time payment (averages $30 per month )