Danielle LV (2017)

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Danielle has been wanting to go short for some time and didn't want to go bald so she opted for a super short pixie and you get to see her go from long to her short pixie via 2 camera angles. A little after this shoot she wanted to buzz it all off so we met her at a local barbershop where she buzzed her head to with a #1 guard. The barbershop footage was only shot with one camera, the salon shave was shot with 2 camera angles.

  1. Long to Pixie
  2. Pixie to Undercut Pixie
  3. Undercut Pixie to Short Pixie
  4. Pixie to Short Buzzcut (at barbershop)


  • Year: 2017
  • Hair Color: Brunette
  • Cuts: Long to Pixie, Pixie to Undercut Pixie,  Undercut Pixie to Short Pixie, Pixie to Short Buzzcut (at barbershop)
  • Dye: No
  • Shampoo: Yes
  • Cameras: 2 (front/side) HD (last cut w/ 1 camera)
  • Stylist Sex: Female
  • Stylist Name: Nicole
  • Format: mp4
  • Runtime:  70 minutes 02 seconds

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Price: $19.00

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