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Athena who has had all sort of hairstyles in her life wanted a change and decided to let us pick the next cut for her. We had her play the hat game where you draw a number from a hat to determine which cut you get next. The numbers range from 1-10 with number 1 being the  the longest cut possible to number 10 which is bald. The rules of the game however state you must draw 3 cuts out of the hat with each one being shorter than the last.

With her first draw she drew a 7 which is a pixie cut, so Dee first cut her hair to a chin length bob with clippers, then gave her a nice undercut bob style. After that she was taken to a cute undercut pixie. For the second number we had Dee ready with clippers at her forehead and and as soon as Athena saw she drew a 10, Dee ran the clippers down the middle of her head. Dee finished shaving her with the clippers and then shaved her head with the foil shaver. Athena looks amazing with her shaved head and plans to try a bunch of different short cuts over the coming months.

  1. Long to Bob
  2. Bob to Undercut Bob
  3. Undercut Bob to Undercut Pixie
  4. Undercut Pixie to Bald


  • Year: 2019
  • Hair Color: Brunette
  • Cuts: Long to Bob, Bob to Undercut Bob, Undercut Bob to Undercut Pixie, Undercut Pixie to Bald
  • Dye: No
  • Shampoo: Yes
  • Ponytail Chop: Yes
  • Cameras: 2 (front/side) HD
  • Stylist Sex: Female
  • Stylist Name: Dee
  • Format: mp4
  • Runtime:  60 minutes 19 seconds

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Price: $25.00

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