Stephanie came to us wanting to shave her head after a friend told her to do it because it was liberating. She traded in her super long hair for a brand new shaved head. She loves the way it looks at the end and who can blame her as she looks absolutely amazing bald.

  1. Long to Bob
  2. Bob to Mohawk
  3. Mohawk to Shaved
  4. Shaved to Bald (Foil Shave)


  • Year: 2019
  • Hair Color: Brunette
  • Cuts: Long to Bob, Bob to Mohawk, Mohawk to Shaved, Shaved to Bald (Foil Shave)
  • Dye: No
  • Shampoo: Yes
  • Ponytail Chop: Yes
  • Cameras: 2 (front/side) HD
  • Stylist Sex: Female
  • Stylist Name: Monica
  • Format: mp4
  • Runtime:  32 minutes 18 seconds