Welcome to the new ta77.net, bringing you the same high quality haircut videos for the discriminating haircutting fan, hobbyist, stylist or enthusiast, with all-new features to make your experience better than ever before. This is the new 2013 site. We hope you like it. We have a faster server and faster hosting for are downloadable videos. The site is leaner and faster and we hope to put new videos up soon

The original site launched in 2003 as 6272.com, offering haircut videos on DVD only. In August of 2006, after a one year hiatus, the site re-launched as ta77.net with a new direct download feature. Over time, the site’s videos have been streamlined with the use of two cameras for multiple angles, the fostering of relationships with pro stylists in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and Las Vegas- with more locations possible in the future- a growing base of models, and a wide range of haircuts.

In January 2010 launch of our new and enhanced website, we’re streamlining the online experience to match the high quality of our videos.

In January 2011 we discontinued the sale of DVDs.

As always, all video downloads are for the user to download and keep with no expiration date or ongoing subscription. Our goal is to film the best haircut videos in the United States, and provide the smoothest online experience to get those videos to you.