I am having problems with a download or the sound/video, etc.. has problems once downloaded, what should I do?
DO NOT RE-PURCHASE WITHOUT TRYING TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM. If you are having playback issues we highly recommend using VLC Player to play videos – it is simply the best video player out there for Windows, Mac and Linux – http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html.
We test each video we put up on 2-3 computer prior to ensure they work. If you do have problems, immediately email us at info.ta77.net@gmail.com

How long are the Videos?
Each video description provides the length rounded to the nearest minute – usually 30 minuts to 1hr

How big are the files?
Because each video has a different length there is no standard size but no video will be under 300 Megabytes. Most are around 400-600 megabytes but some of the longer cuts have gone up to 2 gigabytes.

How many times can I download the videos?
Downloads of each videos are unlimited.

What formats are available?
The files are in mp4 format.

Why only a few pictures on the website?
The pictures are there to give you a quick indication of what to expect from the videos. There are some people who will visit this site only for the pictures and never buy anything. That’s fine. It cost quite a bit of money to produce these videos and we can’t continue to get new material without sales. We hope that some people will buy our videos so we can continue to make more in the future. For those who want to purchase our videos, a few pictures is usually sufficient.

How do I contact you?
Please see our Contact page for all the details or email us directly at info.ta77.net@gmail.com

What styles will be offered?
Our Videos will cover a variety of shorter styles. They will range from chin-length to very short.

How old are the models?
The models vary in age from 18-34 years old.

Where are the models from?
To date, we have models from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix and Las Vegas

Where were the cuts done?
The older videos were done in hair salons in California, however, the newer materials are also done in a private photography studio to highlight the haircutting as much as possible. All our done by professional stylists.

What is the quality of the Videos?
All Videos were shot with a digital camcorder. The material was transferred to a computer digitally for editing. I tried my best to get the best view and get as close as possible to the action and to capture the atmosphere. We are expanding to include 2 camera for every shoot so as to incorporate more angles and views of the haircutting.