Description: Kyley has wanted to shave her head for some time but waited till she turned 18. In this video, you can see her go from long pink hair to bald via 2 camera angles. A week after this shoot she wanted to shave it again so off to the barbershop we went to have it shaved with a straight razor. We also did a small modeling shoot with her after she shaved it at the barbershop. This is the first video of this kind that we have done, hope you enjoy it.
  1. Long to Bob
  2. Bob to Buzz
  3. Buzz to Bald
  • Year: 2017
  • Hair Color: Pink Hair
  • Cuts: Long to Bob, Bob to Buzz, Buzz to Bald
  • Dye: No
  • Shampoo: Yes
  • Cameras: 2 (front/side) HD
  • Stylist Sex: Female
  • Stylist Name: Nicole
  • Format: mp4
  • Runtime:  77 minutes 53 seconds