Description:  Shannon messaged us a few days before the shoot and asked us if she could participate and said she was down for anything which shocked us because as you can see she has some of the longest hair we have ever cut. We told her we would pick something for her to try on and made sure she was OK with any cut that we do. She said she was and a few days later she came into the salon. Once in the salon we told her we were going to have her play the hat game where you draw a number from 1 being the longest cut possible to 10 being the shortest which is bald, out of a hat to determine what cut she got. The rules however state you must draw 3 cuts out of the hat with each one being shorter than the last. She said she is down and said she just wanted to get rid of her long hair and she really didn't care what cut it was as long as she looked good. We told her she'd look good with any of the short cuts we do so she was going to be fine. She drew a 7 which was a pixie cut and she had to say goodbye to her long hair that she has most of her life. She looked great with a pixie cut but the rules state 3 cuts so we had her draw another number which was a 9. That meant her second cut was a buzzcut. Due to her having to draw three numbers the final cut was the 10 which is a head shave with no guard on the clippers and then we used the edger clippers to get the close bald look we were after. She was a bit shocked but absolutely loves her bald head and is excited to get it cut again with us in the future.
  1. Long to Pixie
  2. Pixie to Buzzcut
  3. Buzzcut to Shaved Head
  • Year: 2019
  • Hair Color: Brunette
  • Cuts: Long to Pixie, Pixie to Buzzcut,  Buzzcut to Shaved Head
  • Dye: No
  • Shampoo: Yes
  • Ponytail Chop: Yes
  • Cameras: 2 (front/side) HD
  • Stylist Sex: Female
  • Stylist Name: Monica
  • Format: mp4
  • Runtime:  58 minutes 25 seconds